Own the realization of your “drama”.

(Το ελληνικό κείμενο ακολουθεί) Our body and mind is a complicated masterpiece. Even though we are so perfectly made, we sometimes forget it. We forget us. Like a machine without service or care, we start to deteriorate, to break, to fall apart. Unlike a machine, we all have the ability to self-heal. The essence of […]

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Experiencing Sound Massage

Imagine your body is a lake of still water, and someone drops a pebble in it. Circular vibrational waves are formed traveling throughout your body reaching trillions of cells. Since we are made up of 70% water, sound also travels in a massage-like motion into our tissues, organs, bones, lymphatic, blood and nervous systems and […]

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The silent sounds of meditation

The silent sounds of meditation The benefits of meditation are all well known. And I think that great Masters and teachers have written and said so much on the subject that anything I say is obsolete. My thoughts are about silence. The silence of those meditative moments. The moments that you close your eyes and […]

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