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Kythira is the island of Aphrodite. “Aphrodite the Celestial” the Goddess of Eternal Love and Ideal Eros. She was worshiped here for these qualities. 
Eternal Love of Self and Ideal Eros in finding passion in one’s life.  While you are on this little piece of paradise, stop your roller coaster and take a break.  Exit your noise and immerse yourself into a journey inwards, through touch, sound, and energy healing. If Unity with Self exists in momentum of nothingness, vibration is the vehicle towards it.
You Have the Wisdom, Light, Love, Passion inside You. Return to your nucleus and experience the Celestial God/Goddess within.

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Athens - Kythera


Hi, I'm Katia

For the past 14 years, holistic healing has played a major role in my life. I am so grateful for this amazing journey of learning how to help my self and others find their path to self healing. A journey that is daily renewed with realizations and insights, and is a  continuous personal metamorphosis.

This knowledge has been passed on to me through the studies of Reiki Master (Ushui), Aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, Crystal therapy, Ayurvedic massage, Meditation circles, Women’s Shamanic circles, Sound Massage (Peter Hess Academy), MBSR (Jon Kabat-Zinn), currently in training of The Three Principles by Syd Banks, with Sofia Koutsiana. 

The true nature of my work is to help the receiver clear the “fog” created by memories, thoughts, blockages, in the body and mind by using touch, sound and energy.

To aid find peace, harmony and happiness, once they tune into their soul, where innate wisdom lies and a realization of deep truth and experience of amazing potential takes place.

May you all be blessed with inner light, love and truth. namaste


All Treatments



“touch the body, calm the mind, heal the spirit”

Holistic Deep Tissue Massage


In Greek “OLON “means “whole” and this is the concept this treatment is based on. A full body massage, working on the body with a free style deep tissue massage, the internal system via the absorption of therapeutic essential oils according to the receiver’s needs and the etheric body by resynchronizing the person’s vital energy with reiki. Ideal for muscle tension and pains, lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation and aids in digestion. On a psychological and emotional level, this treatment promotes a state of deep relaxation, releases anxiety and increases the feeling of well-being and self – connection.

Aromatherapy Massage


A very relaxing and gentle massage, using plant- derived essential oils in a synergy blend to suit the individual. Aromatherapy is very effective for relieving stress, insomnia, depression, decongesting, respiratory issues, PMS and menopause symptoms. It boosts the immune system and provides numerous benefits to the receiver.

Aromatherapy Massage​

*The vegetable oils and the essential oils used in therapy are of top professional quality.


“every living being has their own melody”

Sound massage Peter Hess®


A modern treatment based on ancient healing practices using sound, as Indian shamans believed that we are created from sound and are sound. Sound massage aims for profound relaxation. The vibrations are created by Tibetan singing bowls and Gong, which are placed on a fully clothed body. Blockages and tensions are released from the body, mind and spirit and the receiver is left with a sense of calmness and a deep inner peace.

Sound chakra balancing


Our seven main chakras are energy sources located throughout our body and are very sensitive to influence of external factors. By using Tibetan singing bowls, bells, gong, we are able to clear, balance and strengthen the chakras and improve the endocrine’s system function. This enables our etheric body to be in harmony. are placed on a fully clothed body. Blockages and tensions are released from the body, mind and spirit and the receiver is left with a sense of calmness and a deep inner peace.


“the natural forces within us, are the true healers of our disease” Hippocrates




Reiki is a Japanese energy healing therapy, Rei meaning the “Higher Power” and Ki meaning “life force energy”. This life force energy is an unseen energy that supports all living things. With Reiki, the flow of this life force is increased, the internal wise system of self-therapy is rebooted and the person feels their body, mind and soul relaxed and in harmony. Reiki helps with depression, disturbed sleeping patterns, brings clarity of thought and emotions and a sense of self – acceptance and love.

Crystal pendulum chakra


Throughout the ages, the healing properties of gemstones, their beauty, and magic have been recognized and harnessed. Crystals are beautiful creations by Mother Earth that transmit powerful energy and have healing properties. They are the Earths Tuners! A crystal pendulum is a tool of diagnosis for the chakra state. When our chakras are out of tune, we can be drifted in several directions and loose our center and our natural state of wellbeing. A crystal pendulum is able to move the subtle energy that generates our bodies, clear it, tune it, balance it and thus maintain good health and happiness in our energy, spirit and physical body.

Guided meditation


Meditation is medication!!!
If you are not familiar with meditation practice, a helper, to guide you through the process is always useful. You will learn how to meditate, saving you time, effort and a question of “am I doing this right?”. Using a helper,  you can try out different types of meditation, or discuss
what kind of meditation suits your needs.
Meditation benefits are abundant. Just to name a few, it quietens the mind, increases focus, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, helps with sleep, increases self-esteem, powers self-motivation and brings a clarity of emotions and thought.

*Group meditation or sound baths can be arranged upon request

* No physical or psychological diagnosis takes place during therapies. No medical advice is given. Please consult a doctor, if you can have treatment, in case of pregnancy, serious injury, or if you are under any medication for psychological issues or have epilepsy.

* Please remember that healing is not the same as curing. A healer helps the receiver to connect with his inner peace. To clear the fog of mental traffic and to tune into his Higher Wisdom. In that place, and through that connection, a person can begin self-healing.

Sound massage

“The sound of the singing bowl touches our innermost soul and brings it into vibration.

The sound breaks tension, mobilizes self-healing forces, and sets free creative energies.”

Peter Hess, 
Founder of Sound Massage, The Peter Hess Method


Good People With Good words.

At times like this you remember your wholeness. That your soul and body are one. That the heal together and coexist up to their highest potential. Thank you Katia, for reminding me this, at a time of deep sorrow of a great loss. That you helped the body open up, the mind accept and the soul find peace.

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Therapy with Katia is a true experience of relaxation, rejuvenation and spiritual coaching. She helps you see yourself from another point of view. Every time I have therapy, I open up to my true potential more and moreover.

Rena Trompouki

After completing a circle of Reiki sessions, in a very difficult point in my life, a big thank you is not enough.
A wonderfull experience, with an excellent person and 
professional for a guide!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Katerina Giannaki


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for any information

Athens - Kythera


May you all be blessed with inner light, love and truth. namaste