The silent sounds of meditation

The silent sounds of meditation

The benefits of meditation are all well known. And I think that great Masters and teachers have written and said so much on the subject that anything I say is obsolete.

My thoughts are about silence. The silence of those meditative moments.

The moments that you close your eyes and breath by breath sink into your abyss.

The moments, however long they may last, that the abyss is so vast and so full, that it is almost begging you to never leave it. To just keep breathing deeper and deeper into your soul.

Your truth. Your I am.

That silence is not silence.

You realize so many sounds in that silence. The sound of the breath. The heartbeat. The swallowing. These are some of the major ones. And as you go deeper, you start realizing the smaller ones. The liquids in the gut, or the air. The sound of your clothes as your chest rises and falls like a wave while you breathe. The sound of muscles and joints as they relax even more. As you go even deeper, you realize more and more sounds.

It’s like walking into a factory when it is closed and all is quiet, that even the slightest sound echoes in your ears, as you hold your breath to hear carefully.

Those sounds are so unique. Because they are only your own. Only for you to hear. They can not be reproduced, or described, or copied.

They are so original for each and every one of us, just like our own existence.

Individual wonderful beings!

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